Photonics/Optical technologies

ADITECH Flüssigkristallanzeigen GmbH
D-89518 Heidenheim
LCD components for special applications: large display panels for passenger information systems, displays for construction machinery, sunlight-readable monitors, optical shutters, electronic ink, bonding service
phone +49 (0)7321 9842-0

AfM Technology GmbH
D-73430 Aalen
Total error correction of machine tools and coordinate measuring machines by means of laser tracers
phone +49 (0)7361 889608-0

aku.automation GmbH
D-73431 Aalen
Image processing solutions for quality assurance and process monitoring for mechanical and systems engineering
phone +49 (0)7361 89088-0

Carl Zeiss 3D Metrology Services GmbH
D-73430 Aalen
Service Provider for Industrial Quality Assurance
phone +49 (0)7361 559-1800

Carl Zeiss AG
D-73446 Oberkochen
Optical and opto-electronic technologies
phone +49 (0)7364 20-0

Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH
D-73446 Oberkochen
Industrial Measuring Technology
phone +49 (0)7364 20-0

Carl Zeiss Laseroptics GmbH
D-73446 Oberkochen
Laser optics
phone +49 (0)7364 20-0

Carl Zeiss Mobile Optics GmbH
D-73446 Oberkochen
Head Mounted Display Systems
phone +49 (0)7364 20-0

Carl Zeiss NTS GmbH
D-73446 Oberkochen
Electron microscopes
phone +49 (0)7364 20-0

Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH
D-73446 Oberkochen
Optronic Systems
phone +49 (0)7364 20-0

Carl Zeiss SMT AG
D-73446 Oberkochen
Semi-conductor manufacturing technology / Lithographic optics
phone +49 (0)7364 20-0

Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH
D-73446 Oberkochen
Surgical Instruments
phone +49 (0)7364 20-0

Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH
D-73430 Aalen
Ophthalmic optics
phone +49 (0)7361 591-0

DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH
D-73430 Aalen
Certification of products, services, specialist companies and workforce; design of optical testing devices for manufacturers of eye-protection products
phone +49 (0)7361 5601-60

Dr. Wolf & Beck GmbH
D-73117 Wangen
Contactless optoelectronic distance-measuring sensors and universal solutions for recording measurement data of measuring and digitalisation devices, custom-made measuring machines for laboratories and production (particularly for the tire industry)
phone +49 (0)7161 1565-0

ECS GmbH - European Certification Service
D-73431 Aalen
Eye protection and personal protection equipment – Laser protection and optical measuring technology
phone +49 (0)7361 9757396

HB-Laserkomponenten GmbH
D-73529 Schwäbisch Gmünd
Lasers, laser components, show laser systems and laser services
phone +49 (0)7171 499116

HEBO Spezialglas GbR
D-73433 Aalen
Optical components of every kind, optical lens blanks, filter lenses
phone +49 (0)7361 71088

hema electronic GmbH
D-73431 Aalen
Design and production of speciality electronics and components for use in video and image processing technology
phone +49 (0)7361 9495-0

Holometric Technologies Forschungs- und Entwicklungs-GmbH
D-73457 Essingen
Software systems for optical digitalisation and optical measuring technology
phone +49 (0)7365 9645-0

Horn Imaging GmbH
D-73431 Aalen
Imaging systems for microscopy
phone +49 (0)7361 9472-0

Ingenieurbüro für Angewandte Spektrometrie
D-73430 Aalen
Diode line spectrometers for analytic processes, measurement of layer thickness and PVD plasma monitoring
phone +49 (0)7361 9753280

ITW Tiede Non-destructive testing GmbH
D-73457 Essingen
Magnet powder and penetration testing for testing surface cracks
phone +49 (0)7365 81-0

J&M Analytische Mess- und Regeltechnik mbH
D-73431 Aalen
Diode array spectrometers for analytic processes, process measuring technology and microscopic spectroscopy
phone +49 (0)7361 9281-0

JADENT Microscopes and more … e.K.
D-73431 Aalen
Microscopes (Zeiss), fibre optic lighting systems, magnifying glasses for dental medicine, training center
phone +49 (0)7361 3798-0

D-73431 Aalen
Contact lens studio with eyewear atelier, magnifying glasses and fibre optic lighting systems for medical technology
phone +49 (0)7361 3600-422

K+D Flux-Technic GmbH & Co. KG
D-73563 Mögglingen
Devices and systems for inspecting surface cracks, automatic optoelectronic crack recognition
phone +49 (0)7174 89802-0

LOBO electronic GmbH
D-73428 Aalen
Production, sale and renting of show laser systems and multimedia technology
phone +49 (0)7361 9687-0

metrys GmbH
D-73430 Aalen
Tactile and optical coordinate metrology, DKD (German Calibration Agency) calibration of optical axes for dimensional metrology
phone +49 (0)7361 3703-0

MRW C.M. Fuisting GmbH & Co. KG
D-73574 Iggingen-Brainkofen
Flexible, optoelectronic testing, sorting and feeding systems
phone +49 (0)7175 9207-0

Optronic GmbH & Co. KG
D-89551 Königsbronn
Low-light amplifiers and infrared devices for medical and safety applications
phone +49 (0)7328 5071

Werk Herbrechtingen
D-89539 Herbrechtingen
Lighting technology for the automotive industry
phone +49 (0)7324 12-0

D-79219 Staufen
Optical beam delivery systems, manual and motorised positioning systems, nano-positioning systems, optical components
phone +49 (0)7633 9504-0

D-73447 Oberkochen
Lapping and polishing technology: microroughness polishes for optical applications. Materials: silicon, metals, ceramics, glass and customised materials
phone +49 (0)7364 8319

D-73432 Aalen
Maintenance, adjustment, repairs, installations of electronics, laser and optical systems
phone +49 (0)7367 2351

D-73430 Aalen
Ultrasonic microscopy, non-destructive testing methods for components, cracks in materials, delamination, inclusions
phone +49 (0)7361 7809951

tec5 AG
Dr.Gert Noll
D-89522 Heidenheim
Optical industrial measurement technology, including devices for optical monitoring of growth rates in plants
phone +49 (0)7321 973476

TEC-International Optics
D-73434 Aalen
Optical design and construction, lenses and lens systems, optical components, trading in optical/optoelectronic components
phone +49 (0)7361 41041

Telenot Electronic GmbH
D-73434 Aalen
Safety technology production, including infrared light curtain
phone +49 (0)7361 946-0

TESK Elektronik GmbH
D-73441 Bopfingen
Biometry, analysis of signatures and fingers, switches with optical components
phone +49 (0)7362 9608-0 

Photonics environment

B.& L.- Laserbeschriftungen
D-73450 Neresheim
Laser lettering for industry, commerce and construction trades on metal and plastic surfaces as well as laser film. Custom and serial production, bar codes and serial numbers
phone +49 (0)7367 9224955

ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH
D-89520 Heidenheim
Porous PTFE materials for optical diffusers and reflectors
phone +49 (0)7321 9641-0

Ferdinand Menrad GmbH + Co. KG
D-73522 Schwäbisch Gmünd
Eyeglass frames
phone +49 (0)7171 803-0

Genesis Adaptive Systeme Deutschland GmbH
D-73463 Westhausen
Precision engineering, mechatronics and intelligent/adaptive solutions
phone +49 (0)7363 95459-0

Hörger & Gässler OHG
D-89567 Sontheim a.d. Brenz
Hydraulic and mechanical 3D articulated arms and clamp arms for measurement and medical technology
phone +49 (0)7325 6761

Hugo Görner GmbH
D-73430 Aalen
Injection moulding plastic parts for technical and optical applications with high quality optics and haptics, passive and active lighting systems for cars and motorcycles
phone +49 (0)7361 9595-0

miro-concept GmbH
D-73431 Aalen
Planning and construction of industrial goods for optics and semi-conductor industry
phone +49 (0)7361 961888

Offenhäuser + Berger GmbH
D-89518 Heidenheim
Laser safety eyewear, cabin safety windows
phone +49 (0)7321 480615

PB MeTech GmbH
D-73553 Alfdorf
Metal processing, edge trimming technology, laser technology, welding technology, sheet metal processing, products for qualified and unqualified patient transport
phone +49 (0)7172 18991-0

Richter lighting technologies GmbH
D-73540 Heubach
Project planning and sale of innovative lighting systems, exclusive distribution partner for Slimpanel
phone +49 (0)7173 71440-0

Stengel GmbH
D-73479 Ellwangen
Metal processing with 2D and 3D laser technology
phone +49 (0)7961 9121-0

verbeek leuchten GmbH
D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd
LED, HALOGEN, circuit switched systems (CSS) lighting, modern lighting systems, innovative technology
phone +49 (0)7171 929383

Visibilia GmbH
D-73540 Heubach
Eyeglass frames
phone +49 (0)7173 7140-0

Vistan Brillen GmbH
D-73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd
Eyeglass frames
phone +49 (0)7171 9303-0