East Wuerttemberg is not only an area for talents and patents, but also offers plenty of space for living: an attractive school and education landscape, a diverse and vigorous cultural life with plenty of opportunities for spending one’s leisure time, charming cities and municipalities, all surrounded by an idyllic landscape. Thus East Wuerttemberg not only offers companies and investors a highly attractive environment in terms of infrastructure and technology, but also a region with a high-quality of life and opportunities to experience for the men and women who work for these companies.

Those who find that the diverse opportunities provided by the region in terms of experience and culture are not enough have the advantage of short distances: Stuttgart, Nuremberg or Ulm are all less than an hour’s drive away. To Munich for shopping, to Lake Constance for a brief vacation or Allgäu for skiing; they are all within a stone’s throw of East Wuerttemberg.