East Wuerttemberg is a business location with tradition. Numerous growth sectors and technologies of the future have developed here as a result of an ideal economic environment, the efficiency of companies as well as creative and innovative employees. In this environment, a centre for photonics/optical technologies has developed out of the traditional optics sector, a centre which today already enjoys an outstanding reputation. Examples of this development include tertiary and research institutions as well as the entrepreneurial

On the initiative of WiRO, the photonics initiative East Wuerttemberg was started which involves the various regional agents and numerous company representatives. The aim of the photonics initiative with its integration of companies, institutions, educational establishments and public authorities is to further improve the productivity and the infrastructure of the region. With its promotion of the economic focal point photonics,
East Wuerttemberg offers investors an outstanding environment with convincing location advantages. Its objectives are integration, knowledge transfer, cooperation and a common marketing platform in order to establish attractive prerequisites that exert a pull on already existing companies, founders of new businesses, there by creating new jobs in the »Photonics Valley«.