Scientific institutes, research institutions, transfer centres and educational institutions fulfil an important bridging function between industry, research and qualification. In most cases subsidised by their district, federal state, government or the EU, these establishments provide valuable services in the areas of applied research and through the transfer of knowledge, methods and ideas. The spectrum includes expert reports, consulting, collaboration on specialised panels as well as education and training events.

Photonics Valley in East Wuerttemberg

Research and transfer institutions

Steinbeis AWFE Transfer Center at Aalen University
Research and Development for the industry
• Fields of operation: infrared and lighting technology, calculation and production of specialty lenses and
  mirrors, laser technology, precision machining of ultra-hard optics materials, image processing, optical
  tomography, infrared imaging technology, lighting technology, bio-photonics, night vision systems,
  assessment of safety from optical radiation
• Services: research, prototype design, construction of testing equipment, custom-made products, survey
  reports, testing, measuring

Steinbeis Transfer Center Institute of Ophthalmic Optics Aalen IfAA
• Vision for sport, in close cooperation with Dr. Gernot Jendrusch, Institute for Sports Medicine at
  Ruhr-Universität Bochum, optimisation of filters for diverse types of sport, visual performance
  diagnostics for high-performance athletes.
• Optical phenomena, unique collection of optical phenomena in Leinroden, now known far beyond
  Germany's borders, includes, among other things, the world famous »Scintillating grid« discovered in

fem Research Institute for Precious Metals and Metals Chemistry

This institute conducts research in the fields of surface technology, materials research and sciences, plating and metrology. Interdisciplinary cooperation between some 55 scientists, engineers and technicians allows practice-oriented research and its application under normal industrial working conditions, in particular to support small and medium-sized companies.

Electrical Technology Training Center Aalen e.V.
Cross-company vocational training and qualification measures
• Training in the use of optical measuring and sensor technology, image processing, infrared systems,
  photonic microcircuits and the required basic principles
• Transfer of research and development results to practical application

Two other institutions:
Two institutions which give external valuable support for the photonics region of East Wuerttemberg through their basic research, their technical and scientific services and their presentations:
• Department for Laser technologies in Medical Science and Measurement Engineering at the University Ulm
• the Department for Radiation Tools IFSW at the University of Stuttgart is now generally seen as one of the
  leading laser centres in the world